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This is a most advanced new-generation non-contact sensing single door access control, its powerful recovery programming to solve the password without losing the primary setting information; its industrial embedded micro-controller can wholly keep all data well when power outages. Easy to operate either brushing card or entering password is supported to access.

Card / password capacity: 2000~10000 user cards or 2000~10000 short passwords.
Accessing option: brushing card or entering password is selectable.
Adding / deleting user cards: to add or delete user card by administration card or keypad operating.
Door opening time range setting: within 0.5~99 seconds.
Data backup and recovery: to change memory IC or restore by professional backup device / by professional software are supportable.
Instant adding user: brush a new card to add a new user directly, meanwhile open the door, and no need to take back old user cards.
Water-proof function: designed water-proof construction.
Multi-wiring lock solutions: wiring lock with positive pole or negative pole or nomal close or normal open is supportable.
Card type: Mifare one or HI-D or compatible with TK4100.
User password: to set a password with 4~8 digit number.
With doorbell button and interface, the button is isolated from the circuit, and can be connected to any doorbell.
Suitable for home, office, supermarket, conference room and other public places.

Material: ABS
Color: silver+green
Opening door time: 0.5-99 seconds adjustable
Operating voltage: DC 12V
Operating current: <100mA
Storage capacity: 2000~10000 user cards or 2000~10000 short passwords
Reading distance: 20~100mm / 0.8~3.9in
Reading frequency: 125KHz I-D card
Password digits: 4~8 digit
Operating temperature: -40~+85
Doorbell function: with doorbell button
Item size: 120 * 120 * 23mm / 4.7 * 4.7 * 0.9in
Item weight: 124g / 4.4ounce
Package size: 140 * 135 * 30mm / 5.5 * 5.3 * 1.2in
Package weight: 198g / 7.0ounce

Package list:
1 * Access Control
5 * 125KHz I-D Card
1 * Connecting Wire
1 * User Manual

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