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The WIFI  wireless thermostat can replace most common residential thermostat and is designed to be used with electric, gas or oil heating control system.
Unlike ordinary single unit design thermostat, this unit is a new type of thermostat separating the thermostat function into two units.
It can be placed anywhere in the home to detect and control the temperature of an area of the user’s choice. Not limited by power controlwiring locations.
Link with the Receiver via RF. Control distance 100M open site.
Large LCD display,the screen displays the set temperature and the room temperature also time simultaneously.
Permanent user setting and program setting retention during power loss,Both Vacation mode and hold duration mode available for comfort and energy saving.
Optional Programming Period: 7 individual day or Separate 5-day (weekday) and 1-day/1-day (Saturday/Sunday) programming with 4 or 6 separate time/temperature periods per day.
Display temperature recalibrates, Low battery indication; Anti-freezing protection; Pump protection available,thermostat will not enter power saving mode when it is USB power supply

1.Turn off power of your house, then open boiler board and connect the signal wire.
2.Thermostat position is within the range of WiFi signal coverage range.
3.It will directly interfere the thermostat practically operation by signal strength, so please confirm that the thermostat installation position covered by WiFi and with good signal.

Support System: Android and  iOS
Link APP: Tuya smart
Color: White
Package Size: 14.5*10*9cm / 5.7*3.9*3.5in
Package Weight: 443g / 15.6oz

Wireless Thermostat
Power Source: 4 AAA batteries(not include), USB power supply (5V 1000mA)
Output: 1 channel passive linkage output (8A)
IP Rating: lp21
Temperature Setting Range: 5~35
Temperature Setting Accuracy: 0.1
Temperature Display: 5~50
Temperature Display Accuracy: 0.1
Operation Temperature Range: 0~50
Wireless Transmit Range: 100m

Power Source: 100~240V, 50/60HZ
Output: 1 channel passive linkage output (10A)
IP Rating: 1p21
Ambient Temperature Transport: -10~60
Temperature Setting Range: 0~50
Wireless Transmitting Range: 100m
Communicaon Protocol: TCP/IP,MQTT
WiFi Frequency: 2.41GHz-2.48GHz

Package List:
1 * Wireless Thermostat
1 * Receiver
1 * Stents
1 * Set of screws
1 * User Manual

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